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A place for curious minds

Community Discussion for the General Paper in Engl
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Greetings to you all, my young inquiring minds. This community will be for your questions about anything under the sun, comments you have about lessons/general matter, useful websites you might like to share with all and sundry, and other such interesting information.

You will also notice that this community is shared by my 3 classes. This is to facilitate ideas among everyone and therefore allowing your minds to expand in intellectual scope. If, however, your entire class does have a problem to sharing the community , let me know and I'll create a separate one for you. I would very much like to have an engaged learning environment between my three beloved classes, so please feel free to respond to anyone else's posts - in an appropriately intelligent manner of course.


Now for the Community Rules (oh stop groaning!).

Although this community is meant to be for informal and formal discussions, I would appreciate very much if you adhere to these:

1. No flaming of classmates/people in school. If you don't know what flaming in the context of online discussions/blogs means, go look it up.

2. Use appropriate language for each post - English, not Singlish or variations thereof, is much encouraged and will be credited.

3. No vulgarities, of course - unless you want to go to that special area of Hell reserved for those who swear - apparently, they cut out your tongues and hang you upside down as the blood slowly drips out of your head.

4. Be polite when addressing your school/classmate's comments. Of course, if it is your idea that is being criticised, do take the criticism in a positive light and defend your stand reasonably.

5. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT, post inane comments like 'Student X is stupid' or 'Look at my new Tyra Banks poster'. Such comments will be deleted, and the offending poster will be made to type out a proper response in front of me.

6. Rules apply to ALL posts.

How to post effectively:

Know your material - if you have something to say, always provide support for your stand. A claim without supporting evidence is like chocolate without cocoa!

Question yourself and others. Do not simply accept a response because it looks good or is full of 'cheem' language.

For quotations, always indicate quotation marks/bolded font/italicised font to show that you are quoting. Where possible, include your reference and the author of that quote (not yourself). This will be a great training ground for university.

Obviously, you will need to develop your thoughts so do go beyond writing the token 3 lines! There is no word limit on posts but a degree of thought and idea development is expected. A general guide for response length is 300 words, but feel free to expand this to your own discretion.


That's all (for now)!

I hope that you will use this discussion community as much as possible, flooding it with your lovely thoughts. Enjoy!

All best,
Miss C. =)