What is Art?

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In my opinion, Image C best represent art. If I'm not mistaken, Image C should be Pablo Picasso's Guernica, depicting the Nazi German in Spain. A great piece of art, to me, must be able to successfully convey the artist's message across to the people looking at it. Among the three image, I find Image C most outstanding and I could understanding what the artist's message through his artwork.

Image C, to me, represent a scene of death, violence, suffering and helplessness. The black and white colour contrasts seems to represent it as a newspaper photograph.  On the extreme, there seems to be a bull standing over a grieving woman and a dead child on her hand. On the far right, there is a figure with arms raised in terror seems to be entrapped by something. There is a sense of helplessness dwelling among them.

In the center, a horse is falling in agony as it had just been run through by a spear or javelin. The horse's nose and upper teeth looks like the shape of human skull. Under it, there's a hand holding a shattered sword with a flower growing on it. A light bulb blazes in the shape of an eye over the suffering horse's head. 

To the upper right of the horse, a frightened female figure appears to have floated into the room through a window. Her arm, also floating in, carries a lamp. Another person, below the floating the female figure, seems to be staggering and looking towards the light bulb. 

The whole scene is chaotic. It seems to be an aftermath of a war and it depicts suffering of people becasue of war and violence. The artist is trying to show how war can wretch people's lifes and the whole society. He seems disapproving towards war and somehow showing how desparate people are for peace.

Image B shows  the night sky filled with swirling clouds, stars ablaze with their own luminescence, and a bright cresset moon.  Image B, in contrast to Image C, shows a peaceful comfortable city in a magnificent night. I think the whole artwork is a bit too exaggerated.

Unlike Image B and C, I can't figure out what message is Image A trying to put across. To be honest, I think it sucks because it's just plain ordinary.

View the picture here:

Section 377A - Repeal/Decriminalisation of Homosexual Act

I refer to the article "Hundreds attend forum on decriminalisation of homosexual acts".

I personally feel that the ban should be lifted and the society should remove this certain stereotypical judgement against homosexuals. It isn't their fault that they are born this way. So, having the law against homosexual acts is just as good as having statements stamped onto their foreheads like, 'I'm a homo, beware".
Basically, the society is all about mindsets. It revolves around mindsets. What people feel, what people hear, what people choose to do and believe. And often, people follow the majority. So if the majority chooses to disapprove of homosexual acts, so will everyone else. Therefore, instead of banning homosexual acts and making it seem like a crime, the government should lift the ban and make situations less tense. Maybe, that way, people will come to terms with homosexuality in time, without having their mindsets affected by that of others, because many feel that since the government dispproves of it, it must be bad and they too should be against it. That is terribly wrong.
Also, having this ban could influence foreign people's judgement of Singapore. In some other countries, they have already accepted homosexuality and treat these individuals as normal human beings. Even Elton John, himself, is gay. So, by having such bans against homosexuality, a huge big time artist like himself could be too offended to even want to host a concert in Singapore. We're not talking on a small scale, but this could mean publicity for Singapore on its tourism terms, to have a famous celebrity having a concert in Singapore. Yes, the little red dot on the world map.
I believe that if the ban were to be lifted, in time to come, Singaporeans will come to be more open-minded towards homosexuality as just five years ago, such a forum discussing homosexuality would have been possible but now, such a forum has already been created. This clearly shows that Singapore is ready for change and yes, change will come soon. If we make it possible.

Read the articles here: http://community.livejournal.com/curious_minds/1786.html#cutid1

Section 377A - Repeal/Decriminalisation of Homosexual Act


I refer to the article “MP Baey all for repealing anti-gay law



Mr Baey also said that, ‘Homosexuals are born that way they are.’ I agree to what he says. Homosexuals did not choose for who they are. Some are born that way, and it is not within their control. So they should not be criminalized as it is not within their control. Everyone should be allowed to do what they want. This is a form of human right. I believe that why people are not able to accept homosexuals is mainly because people are not able to accept the way they are. They are not open minded enough to understand the way that they are behaving and thus accepting them.


Mr Baey mentioned that, ‘There should be a distinction between what the Government wants to discourage, and what it wants to criminalise, and ‘The Government can make it more difficult to access drinking and smoking, but you are still allowed to drink and smoke. So, you can discourage homosexual sex without criminalizing it.’ If the government were to ban smoking or drinking, this would definitely cause a huge uproar by smokers and drinkers. This is the same for homosexuals. Moreover homosexuality does not bring about harmful effects to the society unlike smoking and drinking. Smoking and drinking does not only harm the people who smoke and drink, but also people around them. This is because passive smokers inhale the smoke caused by them. What about drinkers? There have been many cases of drunk driving, resulting in deaths of innocent ones. So as compared to drinking and smoking, how is it more harmful to decriminalize homosexual act?


Yes there are also people who are able to accept homosexuals. But not many are able to do so. Although homosexuals are a minority in Singapore, they are still Singaporeans. If they are not accepted in Singapore, they may migrate to other countries where it is lawful for homosexual sex. Singapore cannot afford to lose it people as humans are its only natural resource. This is why I think that Singapore should not criminalize homosexual act.


Read you articles here :  http://comunity.livejournal.com/curious_minds/1786.html#cutid1


Art messages!

i think that IMAGE C is an wonderful example and representation of arts. And what do arts do? had you ever think of this question? Thus for me i felt that when an art piece is begin done by the artist, the art itself summarises what is the artist opinion and is being send to a person,when this particular person start to observe that art piece done by the artist. When the person see the art, it like see the artist himself / herself, because the observer will start to think very carefully what the artist is trying to tell him / her.
And for IMAGE C it is a art piece that tell me alot of things, for instances when you look at image c, you can see that there are 2 person that is outstanding. 1 is on the extreme right and 1 is one the extreme left, one woman is holding onto a crying child and the other 1 is being eaten by some kind of monster ! From this i'm able to infer that the artist is trying to tell as that the world is in a mess nowdays, full of havoc!, people live in pain, suffering and innocent people die.And nowdays many people lost their loves one due to the havoc around the world, and at the bottom of the image we can see that there is a man who is holding onto a broken sword was being attacked by some kind of animal, from this i'm able to infer that people today are vulnerable and weak! today many people are unable to defeat their own hardship and problems.
Finally why i felt that IMAGE C is a wonderful example and representation of arts? this is because a message that the artist want to sent to us can be seen from the image. Unlike image A and B i could not understand what the image os about and it like it got no purpose at all.So IMAGE C is the BEST!


what is art?


In my opinion, I think image C is the best example of art. Different people have different takes on what art is all about. For me, I feel that art is something that would leave a very deep impression on your mind. Art causes a person to go into deep thinking, to try to find out what the artist is trying to portray but yet admiring it. It would somehow speak and relate to you.


Image C not only stood out amongst the rest, it also conveyed a particular message to me. Though it is just in black and white, it shows the creativeness and uniqueness of the artist. It makes one wonder what the artist is trying to portray and would attract the viewers to give a closer look at what is being drawn. In this art piece, I feel that the artist is portraying the theme on human’s lives - the way we live, things that we experience, our emotions.


There are two people that stood out distinctively, one on the extreme left and the other on the extreme right. One woman is holding a child and crying and the other is eaten by some kind of animal. From these two people, I infer that the artist is trying to say that suffering is evident in our world today. Sadness is a result of these sufferings as loved ones could be lost.


At the bottom of the image, there’s a hand holding a broken sword, there were no head, legs or body, only one side of the arm could be seen. A broken sword and the lack of the other parts of the body showed that the person had been defeated.  From this I infer that the artist is trying to portray that when war or riots prevailed, lives would be lost, suffering would begin.


On the right hand side of the image, there’s a person who seems to be using a lot of effort to walk and move. I deduced that the artist is trying to put across that in today’s society, due to competitiveness to stay afloat and not lose out, people are weighed down by many problems-stress, financial difficulties etc.


At the left hand side of the image there an ‘animal’ that has the face of an ox and horse, a body of a monkey and a tail of a horse. I deduced from it that the artist is trying to put across the fact that as time goes by people’s thinking and mindset will change. People would become hypocritical, like a wolf in sheep clothing. This could be due to external influences, people wanting a better lifestyle etc.


I did not choose image A as image A shows a picture of an object. If image A is defined as art, are you trying to say that any object such as a book, fan, table etc could be called an art? I feel that image A is something that is forgotten easily as there’s no meaning to it. It does not leave a lasting impression in one’s mind. It’s just like looking at yourself in the mirror and after going away, immediately forget what you look like.


Image B did not make the criteria of art either. I feel it’s more of an illusion. Just like image A, it does not leave a impression in one’s mind. It’s more like a person’s imagination. Though it gives one a very calm and serene feeling, this image does not appeal to me unlike image C. 

"View the pictures here: http://community.livejournal.com/curious_minds/1974.html" for the ease of future reference.




What is art? Van Gogh's Starry Night

Background from my general knowledge: This painting was made by Vincent Van Gogh called “Starry Night”. This painting also is linked to a song “Vincent (Starry Starry Night)” by Don McLean, where he wrote this song in tribute to the great work of Van Gogh and his life.

I strongly feel that IMAGE B is the best example of art because I feel that art is more than just what we see and what an artist puts onto canvas for others to see with their eyes. Art is deep and there is always meaning behind each painting and picture made by the artist. When an artist creates a piece of work, he or she already has an idea of how his or her art work might look like. However, by looking at the work you might have differing views from the artist and what he meant in the art work.

This picture appealed to me most when I first looked at all three pictures because firstly, it was the most colourful of all three making it the most outstanding, secondly, it was the most “normal” looking out of the three because it did not have a urinal-like object in it and it did not have weird faces and patters all over the picture (very familiar Picasso work). To be honest, what made me think this image was the most significant amongst the others is the meaning behind the painting itself. That behind this beautiful picture of starry night there is a story of this sad painter who died without anyone understanding him. I feel that it is important to understand the context in which an art was created in to fully understand the art itself.

What struck me most about the painting was the waves and swirls in the sky that Van Gogh painted. You can almost imagine the sky “rolling” by before your eyes. Its interesting how he mixes the colour of the star beams of light into the sky of blue. It interesting how the black tree-branch-ivy-like structure is creeping into the sky as if trying to disrupt the waves of the sky rolling by. The wavy sky could also mean that the night itself could be brewing something as if there was something that was going to happen on that night itself, possibly something that would be of great tragedy. The image also seems quite gloomy as the picture mostly contains shades of blue and it seems as if a shadow was creeping over the land, possibly the tall structure at the left. From this painting alone you can feel so many emotions and that is why I found it the most interesting. When you look at the painting you see it as a beautiful piece of work because of the stars and the wavy sky thinking its a beautiful night. As you go on and look into it deeper, you realise that there is a little darkness to the painting, a darkness that is creeping over this light, then you realise the painting isn't so bright and beautiful anymore.

The other two images are interesting but I did not find it the most appealing because I did not really understand them. When I first saw IMAGE A, the idea of a urinal came to mind. But after looking at it for a while, it looked like a water cooler like structure which was shapes like a urinal. It was just weird and unexplainable. I just could not tell what the picture wanted to say and what it portrayed.

IMAGE C, however, looks like the work of Picasso. The human-like and animal life-faces depict his style. The picture itself seems very chaotic and messy from all the different parts of the beings being scattered all around the dark box. The white figures seem like ghosts. It also seems like there is a war going on in the picture with people lying on the floor and chasing each other. It is basically just very chaotic.

I am not saying that these two images are irrelevant or uninteresting, just that the IMAGE B appealed to me the most because of its seemingly simple image but in actual truth there is a darkness that lurks beneath.

View the pictures here: http://community.livejournal.com/curious_minds/1974.html

Its ART man!

I strongly feel that image A is the most artistic of all. For the other two, i feel that they're just child's work. Lol. Basically i've seen those two before and so they don't leave such a deep impression as image A.

Alrighty, here goes my comment: The immediate thought which came to my mind when i first saw image A is "What The Hell?! Water cooler? Cubicle?" Cough cough.. ok, frankily speaking, i feel that its actually quite a nice reaction you know? Normally, you are not suppose to understand art at first sight you know? Not even the artiste himself who drew this can make a definite idea of what it is suppose to mean. Art has many different perspective, and that's what makes it good. I feel that drawing the real thing is the most difficult of all kind of art, ... ok, maybe not all, but most of them, especially portrait. I just merely pass my art in my secondary years and so i'm in no position to comment how fabulous this work piece is. But! I really thought is an old picture when i first saw it. You may say that there is more creativeness in image B and C. If you happens to really said that, let me tell you " You are still a ginna." Oops, sorry. Lol. Ok, seriously now........

Good grief, how am i going to describe it? Nice curvature? Good blending? Oh please, iam a noob when it come to art. I just think that its good, do i need any reason? Its ART we're talking here you know? Anyway,

View the pictures here: http://community.livejournal.com/curious_minds/1786.html#cutid1

"I know this is crap but i really don't know what to do about this post. Sorry."

What Is Art?

Your post should be a minimum of 500 words, enough for someone to comment on!

Under the cut are three pictures.

1) Without doing any prior research, make a snap decision as to which piece would most likely make it to your personal list of What Constitutes Art (i.e. which piece is the most artistic/displays the most creativity/fulfils your definition of art?).

2) Type a response to your chosen piece, stating why you feel that this is the most artistic and why you feel the other two pieces of art, as Singaporeans often say, 'cannot make it'.

These are questions to guide you in your response:
What particular feature is the most significant for you?
What message do you think the artwork is trying to convey?
Was it successful in conveying the message?

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1) Create a title for your post
2) Begin your post with "I strongly feel that [insert either 'IMAGE A' 'IMAGE B' or 'IMAGE C'] is the best example of art because..."
3) Be as descriptive as possible about the images and your response towards them. Use similes, metaphors or anything that will get your point across, as long as it's in ENGLISH.
4) Ensure that your grammar, spelling and formatting is as FORMAL as possible.
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Section 377A - Repeal/Decriminalisation of Homosexual Act

Your post should be a minimum of 500 words, enough for someone to comment on!

Here are the articles that sparked the avid discussion of homosexuality both online and in print. The controversial furor over the decriminalisation of homosexual sex began with MP Baey's support of the review of the anti-gay law in Section 377A of the Penal Code on 15 July. 

7 selected students from 1A03 and 1S07 have been asked to respond to these articles in individual posts. Please follow these instructions for the format:

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6) You may be as passionate as you wish about the issues.
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16 July 2007
Straits Times, Home section

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16 July 2007 
'Today' newspaper, front page
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16 July 2007
Channel NewsAsia website
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The Machine Stops - Comment on Text

Under the cut is the conclusion of EM Forster's novella (somewhere between a short story and a full-length novel) The Machine Stops. I've put it up here for you all to read - I strongly encourage it! Even if you don't use this in your essays on technology, it will be very useful for those who have not had reading material other than newspapers/magazines - it will give you some exposure to a different writing style. To help you, I've bolded some of the main ideas concerning technology, but for a cohesive understanding, do read the sentences in full!

Here's a bit more information to help you!

The Book (5th paragraph) is sort of like an instruction manual given by the authorities on how to operate the Machine. It has to some extent, in this dystopic world, replaced the Bible as a religious document.

In this novella, everyone lives underground because they believe the surface to be uninhabitable. This also means that the Machine controls everything from their water supply to their air quality. When the Machine stops, the water and air become foul.

At the end of the story, Vashti meets Kuno, her son, whom she has not seen for years in person, because they have always communicated through the Machine. Kuno had been trying to get Vashti to visit him, but she has always refused.

Discuss, after you read this, what you believe to be the most important technology in our world today. Why is it important? Will we die without it? Are there substitutes for it? Is it in any way harmful to us?


Vashti, the female protagonist (main character) is repelled by people (third paragraph) because she has had little personal contact with them, a situation that most everyone in the world is in. Any communication is done via an 'isolation room' and a blue panel on which the face of the other party appears. As such, most choose to live out of their cells (rooms) as everything can be done through the Machine.

Do you think this is reflective of technology? Does it isolate us? What kind of technology? Is this technology necessary?

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