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the art of ART

The word “art” can be defined in many ways. Art can be defined as a piece of work, for example, paintings, poetry, songs, drama and many more. Since many people define art as described above, people who create such pieces are usually known as artistes. However, what most of us forget, is that art can be considered as a technique in doing something, such as the art of magic and the art of war. This makes art a methodology. However, in relative to the scope given in this post, I shall focus on the first definition of art and what are the criteria of art, such that it is a piece of work produces when an artiste expresses his feeling, emotions or thoughts.

I believe that each of the three images; A, B and C, given here has their own message to convey. For instance, my interpretation of image A, is a bidet. Since an art piece is open to interpretation, I think that the artiste is unique because he chose to draw such a specific uncommon object, almost often viewed negatively, since it is perceived as dirty due to its association to toilets. He is probably trying to convey that even such a picture can be a work of art, despite its appearance. He had altered the typical shape and design of the bidet to make it a unique piece. He is probably trying to convey that art is something very abstract and deep and that we need to view it in many different ways to understand and appreciate it. He has managed to make a typical bidet have an interesting outlook.

However, in image B, the artiste is trying to convey something generic. His art shows an overview of a town where one part of it is licked in huge flames and the flame causes a collateral pollution, for instance, air pollution, affecting the entire village, as illustrated by the twirling of the wind in the sky. This artiste is trying to convey that in any circumstance, when one person fails it has a ripple effect and can affect the others in one way or another.

Image C, on the other hand, illustrates many things are happening at once, and there seem to be a state of confusion of the artiste’s emotions and thoughts. This is so because the picture shows a mixture of man and animals painted in distortion. By looking at this picture, I gather pain, agony, torture and unhappiness felt by the artiste.

Comparing the three images, I prefer image C as it paints a thousand words. From the image, many interpretations and possibility can be deduced. It is a picture where one is not restricted to make any conclusions and one’s imagination can run wild in making any deductions. In addition, the compilation of the drawing is compact; every possible space available is used to express something. This evidently shows that a single picture such as image C, can convey numerous, countless interpretations.

Thus, this explains why image A and B cannot make it as it lakes of images in its drawings; too simple and vague, such that not many interpretations and conclusions can be made as compared to image C.

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