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Section 377A - Go for it!

I refer to article On Section 377A ... Forum on gay law well-attended, but change unlikely MPs


I personally feel that before for Singapore to actually progress as a society, our government must be more politically open. From the article I can feel Mr. Baey frustration on the whip which disallows him to comment on section 337A any further. He was being forced to do so to protect the government's interest or rather People Action's Party (PAP) interest. The homosexuals community are still consider the minority in Singapore, and the survey results does do them any good, as most of the people still disagree of homosexuality in Singapore.


Singaporeans are people who are more realistic and down to earth. The small community must show what good and significant they can bring to the society before they will be accepted. Such is the case of IRs where 10 years ago, it was unacceptable by the people's context but now due to the great amount of money it can bring in, the government accepted this proposal. Thus money is still the thing that makes the world goes round.


"Pitching your arguments in terms of civil rights ... will not take it very far." This point shows that the fabric of Singapore is closely knitted by religion and people. People are the only human resource in Singapore, and religion are beliefs of the people. From my own personal knowledge, no religions have admitted homosexual are accepted. This poses a mountainous task for the homosexual community to convince the government. Let me remind all readers that Singapore is a socialist society not a democratic one. The differences between these two are that civil and human rights are only given to the right extent to protect the Country's interest. While in a Democratic society eg. USA, human rights are deemed above the law. This explains for the approval of gay marriages in California.


I myself, approve the existence of gay and hope to see them in Singapore. Not because I¡¯m gay or because I have no religion. But I do really hope to see Singapore progress as a society. Based on my own knowledge, no Asian country have approved of gay marriages, Singapore the first to do so? Why not? After all WE are a "city of possibilities".

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