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local theatre and homosexulity.

It has been an unofficial saying that homosexuals are more creative and artistic than hetrosexuals. However it may not be true. But there are reasons for us to believe such as well. In my opinion, a homosexual would be much better in expressing himself creatively and artistically. If a homosexual is bold enough to let know his true identity in a society in which homosexuality is alomost a taboo. I think he or she would be bold enough to express himself much better than a hetrosexual both artistically and creatively.  Not that a hetrosexual is unable to do such, but i feel that the homosexuals are more bolder in doing so.

Refering to the first article,


We realise that our Singapore stage plays have been one of the first few to portary homosexuals in a positive way even before SCV or other movies did. Chay Yew's Ten Little Indians are one of the examples of such plays, which came out in 1988. In some of the plays like Jakson On A Jaunt by Eleanor Wong, the Ministry of Community Development even withdrew its funding as they were afraid that homosexuality might be encouraged as normal in the Singaporean society.  From this it is quite obvious that homosexuality is considered a taboo not only in the society but also in media, like stage play. Being homosexual does not come from influence but it comes genetically. The government was not willing to accept that and it even criminalizes homosexual activities such as oral or anal sex.. It is obviously a preference of a person like how one is allowed to smoke and drink alcohol which is harmful to the health. In my opinion the government should give people freedom in their actions when it comes to issues such as this. I feel that one has their own right in deciding if they were to be a heterosexual or homosexual according to their genetics.  That does not mean that the government should allow homosexual marriages. But they should not criminalize their homosexual activities. The local theatre has been portraying homosexuality in a positive way even from the time when the topic of gay was a taboo.


Refering to the second article, its very obvious that homosexuality is not only a non-taboo subject but it is accepted in a society such as San Francisco. They even hold parades to celebrate their identity as a homosexual. If it is acceptable in other countries, why not Singapore?  Why cant we accept our people as who they are and not intimidate them by criminalizing homosexuality. In  my second article a woman has mentioned that she will not allow her child to brought up in a society where homosexuality is acceptable though she knows as a personal in the medical field that it come with the genes. Homosexuals are not monsters from whom we should run away from. They do not harm us. They are human being as wells. They are jus like how normal people are but they only differ in their love partner as they fall in love with someone of the same gender rather then someone of  an opposite gender like most of us in our society.



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